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Spend 5 intense weeks living in a tent at the largest lake in the state of Kansas.

Spend 2 intense weeks in Lima, Peru.  Yes, you will live outdoors and experience a variety of extremes. Extreme heat, Extreme cold, sleep deprivation, silence & solitude, thunderstorms, foreign food, and multiple cultures. You will also experience some extreme sports like mountain hiking, biking, tubing, wiper fishing, paintball, kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing.  You will learn how to use these extreme experiences to minister to Middle School students, High School students, and Families. You will choose to serve in these extreme uncomfortable zones with your team and come out of the experience a changed person forever for God's glory.


You will learn more about yourself, your identity in Christ, team work, and the Disciplemaking life. Each time you leave your comfort zone and choose to serve you will take another step towards Christ-likeness. You grow in your understanding of Christ's priorities and will embrace them as your own. You, along with your team will seek God's call on your life as you minister in a wide variety of settings, from outdoor ministry, to youth ministry, to crisis response ministry, to sports ministry, to cross-cultural ministry.


On this TREK7 you will get outside of your comfort. You will witness heartache and deep wounds that teenagers have from life and help them on the road to recovery

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