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Be watching for upcoming backpacking and trail camp opportunities in 2024

         Colorado Trail Camp for
   Ministry Leaders & Volunteers

        September 23-26, 2024

This Trail Camp is for paid and volunteer ministry leaders.  Plan on being in Buena Vista, CO early afternoon on Monday September 23rd and departing on Thursday morning the 26th.  


This year we will be focusing on getting away like Jesus.  This will include honest reflection, intentional listening and walking in obedience.  This will be done alone, around the fire and hiking on the trail.

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2024 High School
Colorado Trail Camp

July 25-29

The 2024 High School Colorado Trail Camp is set for July 25-29, 2024.  We will meet in Buena Vista, Colorado on Thursday early afternoon July 25th.

This Trail Camp is designated for students 14 years old and older. Click the link below that takes you directly to the Registration Page.

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